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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       October 17th, 2018      
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   -> about us airways -> press releases
     News Releases
      December 19, 2002 Holiday Travel Tips From US Airways
     December 19, 2002 US Airways' Flight Crew Training Instructors Reach New Agreement On Cost-Savings
     December 18, 2002 US Airways' Flight Dispatchers And Simulator Engineers Reach Agreement On Cost-Cutting Measures
     December 18, 2002 US Airways Enhances Nonrefundable Standby Fare Policy
     December 18, 2002 US Airways' Reservations, Airport Ticketing/Gate Workers Reach Tentative Agreement On Additional Cost-Cutting Measures
     December 17, 2002 US Airways Announces New Online Reservation System For Dividend Miles Award Redemption
     December 16, 2002 US Airways Announces Christmas Holiday Fare Sale
     December 16, 2002 US Airways Express To Add Portland-Pittsburgh Regional Jet Service
     December 16, 2002 US Airways Express To Bring Regional Jet Service to Burlington
     December 16, 2002 US Airways and United Code Share Expands Networks; Flight Schedules Now Available in Reservations Systems
     December 14, 2002 US Airways' ALPA MEC Ratifies Cost-Cutting Agreement
     December 13, 2002 US Airways Launches Charlotte-Punta Cana Service
     December 13, 2002 US Airways Expands Caribbean Service With New Routes And Additional Flights
     December 11, 2002 US Airways and ALPA Reach Agreement On Additional Cost Cuts
     December 6, 2002 US Airways Reports November Traffic
     December 6, 2002 US Airways Launches Philadelphia-St. Kitts Service
     December 6, 2002 US Airways To Operate Over 95 Percent Of Flight Schedule Following First Harsh Winter Storm Of The Season
     December 5, 2002 Joint Statement Of US Airways And The Retirement Systems Of Alabama
     December 5, 2002 Winter Weather Affecting US Airways Operation
     December 3, 2002 US Airways Plans New Seasonal Service Linking Philadelphia And Ireland
     December 3, 2002 US Airways And Visa Offer Discount Fares For Winter Travel To Caribbean And U.S. Warm Spots
     November 27, 2002 Media Notification - US Airways To Implement New Gate Access Procedures For Customers At Select Airports Beginning Next Week
     November 26, 2002 US Airways To Furlough Approximately 2,500 Employees, Seeks Work Rule/Benefit Changes To Complete Restructuring
     November 21, 2002 US Airways Announces $98 Roundtrip Weekend Go Fares
     November 21, 2002 US Airways Launches Specialized Travel Agent Web Site
     November 21, 2002 US Airways Charlotte-Based Employees To Donate $21,000 To Local Charities
     November 20, 2002 Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Tips From US Airways
     November 20, 2002 US Airways Announces Triple Mileage Plus And Triple Dividend Miles Offer On Shuttle Flights
     November 19, 2002 US Airways Announces $98 Roundtrip Thanksgiving Day Sale Fares On Select Routes To And From Pittsburgh
     November 19, 2002 US Airways Announces $98 Roundtrip Thanksgiving Day Sale Fares On Select Routes To And From Charlotte
     November 19, 2002 US Airways Announces $98 Roundtrip Thanksgiving Day Sale Fares On Select Routes To And From Philadelphia
     November 18, 2002 US Airways Confirms The Retirement Systems Of Alabama As Equity Sponsor In Company's Reorganization
     November 15, 2002 US Airways Statement On Status Of Equity Bids
     November 8, 2002 US Airways To Launch Charlotte - Belize Service
     November 7, 2002 US Airways To Add Grand Bahama Island Service From Philadelphia
     November 7, 2002 US Airways Receives Approval For $500 Million In Dip Financing
     November 7, 2002 US Airways To Accommodate National Airlines Passengers
     November 6, 2002 US Airways Offers Holiday Discount Fares For U.S. and Canada Travel
     November 5, 2002 US Airways Express To Operate 50-Seat Regional Jets Between Reagan National And Charleston, S.C.
     November 4, 2002 US Airways Operates 5,000 Transatlantic Flights Without Interruption
     November 4, 2002 US Airways Golf Sets Auction Record, Over 1.8 Million Miles Contributed to Charity
     November 4, 2002 US Airways Express to Bring Regional Jet Service to Erie
     November 4, 2002 US Airways October Traffic Up 5.9 Percent
     November 1, 2002 US Airways Group Reports Third Quarter Results
     November 1, 2002 US Airways Launches Charlotte - Turks And Caicos Service
     November 1, 2002 US Airways Launches Reagan National - Nassau Service
     October 31, 2002 United Airlines and US Airways Announce Additional Benefits For Frequent Fliers
     October 31, 2002 US Airways Introduces New Caribbean Service With Sale Fares To New Destinations
     October 31, 2002 US Airways Reagan Washington National - San Francisco Proposal Is Best Choice For Dot Exemption Slots
     October 31, 2002 US Airways And Windward Island Airways Seek DOT Approval To Code Share On Select Caribbean Flights
     October 25, 2002 US Airways Expands 'Web Fares' Distribution To Include Galileo Travel Agencies
     October 23, 2002 US Airways Shuttle Announces "Walk-Up Fare" Special
     October 21, 2002 US Airways Announces Broader Distribution of 'Web Fares'
     October 21, 2002 US Airways Names IAM Representative
     To It's Board of Directors
     October 18, 2002 US Airways and Mesa Air Group Reach Agreement to
     Expand US Airways Express Regional Jet Network
     October 18, 2002 US Airways Seeks Transportation Department Authority For Reagan
     Washington National-San Francisco Flights
     Request Two Beyond-Perimeter Exemptions
     October 14, 2002 US Airways and United Airlines Take Next Step In Code-Share Agreement: Reciprocal Airport Lounge Access And Interline E-Ticketing
     October 10, 2002 Piedmont Airlines Pilots Ratify Agreement on US Airways Restructuring Plan
     October 10, 2002 Allegheny Airlines Pilots Ratify Agreement on US Airways Restructuring Plan
     October 7, 2002 US Airways and United Airlines to Implement Frequent Traveler Program Benefits
     October 4, 2002 US Airways September Traffic Up 10.4 Percent
     October 4, 2002 US Airways Europe Destinations On Sale For Fall/Winter
     October 3, 2002 US Airways Exceeds Previous Service Performance Records With Over 90 Percent Of Flights Arriving On Time
     October 2, 2002 US Airways' Alliance with United Passes Regulatory Review
     First Tangible Benefit Begins Oct. 14 with Reciprocal Airport Club Access
     October 1, 2002 US Airways To Offer Customers Options Of Purchasing Standby Coupons For Use With Nonrefundable Fares
     Moves Up Date for New Standby Travel Policy
     September 27, 2002 US Airways Shuttle Leapfrogs Competition With Quintuple Performance Guarantee
     September 26, 2002 ALPA's Chris Beebe Named to US Airways Board
     September 26, 2002 US Airways Restructuring Remains On Track
     September 26, 2002 US Airways Announces $500 Million DIP Financing Agreement and $240 Million Plan Sponsor Equity Investment Agreement with the Retirement Systems of Alabama
     September 17, 2002 US Airways' Mechanics Ratify Restructuring Agreement
     September 17, 2002 US Airways' Reservations, Airport Ticketing/Gate Workers Ratifies Agreement On Restructuring
     September 17, 2002 US Airways Introduces Fall/Winter Sale Fares Systemwide
     September 6, 2002 US Airways And Communications Workers Of America Reach Tentative Agreement On Restructuring
     Agreement Covers Reservations and Airport Ticketing
     and Gate Employees
     September 6, 2002 US Airways Revises Its Policies On Non-Refundable Fares, Credit For Tier Status Will Continue
     September 5, 2002 US Airways Shuttle Offers Array Of New Travel Incentives 'Shuttle Smart' Fare Discounts And Mileage Bonus
     September 4, 2002 US Airways Reports 77.1 Percent August Load Factor
     August 30, 2002 US Airways New Schedule Continues Service to All 203 Communities
     August 29, 2002 US Airways' Fleet Service Workers
     Ratify Restructuring Agreement
     Mechanics and Related Workers Reject Contract
     August 27, 2002 US Airways Implements Pricing Changes
     August 26, 2002 US Airways Maintenance Training Specialists Ratify Restructuring Proposal
     August 23, 2002 US Airways' TWU Flight Crew Training Instructors Ratify Restructuring Agreement
     August 21, 2002 US Airways' TWU Dispatchers and Simulator Engineers Ratify Restructuring Agreement
     August 16, 2002 US Airways Files Second Quarter 10-Q's
     August 16, 2002 US Airways Extends Shuttle Guarantee Program and Triple-Mile Bonus
     August 15, 2002 US Airways Says Service to 203 of Its 204 Cities Will Continue
     August 12, 2002 US Airways Reports Near Flawless Operations During First Full Day of Chapter 11 Restructuring
     August 12, 2002 US Airways Granted Court Approval of Bridge Orders
     August 11, 2002 US Airways to Complete Restructuring Plan in Chapter 11 Reorganization
     August 9, 2002 US Airways Flight Attendants Ratify Restructuring Plan
     August 8, 2002 US Airways Issues Statement to Clarify Reports Regarding Thursday's Meeting with Bondholders
     August 8, 2002 US Airways ALPA Pilots Ratify Restructuring Plan
     August 6, 2002 US Airways Reports July Traffic
     August 2, 2002 US Airways Expands Its Accommodation of
     Vanguard Airlines Passengers
     August 1, 2002 US Airways Seeks DOT Approval To Serve Three Additional Dominican Republic Routes From Charlotte/Philadelphia
     July 24, 2002 US Airways Continues Restructuring Efforts;
     Announces Marketing Agreement with United Airlines
     July 24, 2002 US Airways And US Airways Vacations Selected As AAA Preferred Suppliers
     July 19, 2001 US Airways Names John Prestifilippo Senior Vice President Of Maintenance
     July 18, 2002 US Airways Group Reports $248 Million Second Quarter Loss
     July 18, 2002 US Airways Offers Summer-Fall Travel Bargains Systemwide
     July 17, 2002 US Airways to Add Midway Airlines and Regional Jet Affiliate
     July 13, 2002 US Airways and Air Line Pilots Association Reach Tentative Agreement on Restructuring Plan
     July 12, 2002 US Airways and TWU Flight Crew Training Instructors Reach Agreement on Restructuring Plan
     July 11, 2002 US Airways Introduces Shuttle Guarantee Program, Extends Triple-Mile Bonus To All Shuttle Flights
     July 10, 2002 US Airways Media Advisory On Second Quarter Earnings
     July 10, 2002 US Airways Granted Conditional Approval of Federal Loan Guarantee
     July 10, 2002 US Airways Receives U.S. Government Approval For New Caribbean Service From Washington's Reagan National
     July 9, 2002 US Airways And TWU Simulator Engineers Reach Agreement On Restructuring Plan
     July 5, 2002 US Airways to Launch Reagan National-Bermuda Service
     July 3, 2002 US Airways' PSA Airlines Reaches Agreements with Pilots and Flight Attendants
     July 3, 2002 US Airways Reports June Traffic
     July 3, 2002 US Airways, TWU Reach Agreement On Restructuring Plan
     July 1, 2002 US Airways Completes ATSB Loan Guarantee Application And Implements Further Strategic Aircraft Payment Deferrals As Part Of Proposed Consensual Restructuring Plan
     June 27, 2002 US Airways Express Increases Operations At Asheville As Mainline Jet Service Is Withdrawn
     June 24, 2002 US Airways Announces Strategic Payment Deferrals Linked to Proposed Consensual Restructuring Plan
     June 24, 2002 US Airways Launches Caribbean Codeshare With Nevis Express
     June 21, 2002 US Airways Promotes Rosemary Murray To Head Federal Government Affairs
     June 20, 2002 'US Airways Door-To-Door' Offers New Online Service For U.S. Shippers
     June 19, 2002 US Airways Express Carrier Piedmont Airlines Earns Top Award For Excellence In Maintenance Training
     June 19, 2002 US Airways Introduces Summer Fare Bargains
     June 13, 2002 US Airways' Response On Proposal To Regulate Access To Airport Gates At Philadelphia International
     June 11, 2002 US Airways Plans New Service Linking Washington's Reagan National With The Bahamas
     June 10, 2002 US Airways' PSA Airlines Subsidiary And ALPA Reach Agreement For Regional Jet Flying
     June 10, 2002 US Airways Files Application For Federal Loan Guarantee
     June 6, 2002 First International US Airways Club Opens At London Gatwick
     June 5, 2002 US Airways Reports 73.6 Percent May Load Factor
     June 5, 2002 US Airways Express To Add Washington-Toronto Service
     June 4, 2002 First Precision Runway Monitor Approach Conducted at Philadelphia International Airport
     June 4, 2002 US Airways' Dave Siegel Expresses Appreciation For Action On Supplemental Appropriations Bill
     June 4, 2002 US Airways Adds Grenada To Its Caribbean Network
     June 3, 2002 US Airways Launches 'GoCaribbean' Network With Three Regional Carriers
     May 30, 2002 US Airways Forms MidAtlantic Airways To Prepare for Planned Regional Jet Growth
     May 30, 2002 US Airways Introduces 'Travel In Time' Program
     May 29, 2002 US Airways Receives Government Approval for Two New Caribbean Routes From Charlotte
     May 22, 2002 US Airways Awards Millionth E-Savers Customer First-Class Caribbean Escape For Two
     May 17, 2002 US Airways Fills Three Vice President Positions, Corporate Affairs, Inflight, Flight Operations
     May 17, 2002 US Airways Launches Online Mileage Purchase Program Where Customers Can Buy Miles Through
     May 17, 2002 US Airways Introduces Pittsburgh 'GoFares' Offering Extended Weekend Discounts Through
     May 10, 2002 US Airways Updates Restructuring Plan in Quarterly Filing
     May 9, 2002 US Airways Links Dividend Miles Members To Exclusive Golf And Travel Offers Through
     May 9, 2002 Save When Searching Fares And Booking Flights Through
     US Airways' Enhanced Reservations System
     May 6, 2002 US Airways Plans Service To Belize From Charlotte
     May 3, 2002 US Airways Reports April Traffic
     April 29, 2002 US Airways Kicks Off Summer Travel Season With Low Fares
     April 26, 2002 US Airways to Begin Chicago Midway Flights from Charlotte, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
     April 24, 2002 US Airways Announces New Caribbean Service
     Philadelphia - St. Kitts
     April 23, 2002 US Airways Names McDonald VP - Fleet Planning, Broadens McDougle's Role As VP - Finance And Treasurer
     April 22, 2002 US Airways Offers Free Space Flight In Sweepstakes
     April 19, 2002 US Airways Announces New Service Washington's Reagan National-Bermuda
     April 19, 2002 US Airways Adds Airport Priority Security Lines
     April 19, 2002 US Airways And Arlington Convention & Visitors Service Team Up To Attract More Visitors To The Washington Area
     April 18, 2002 US Airways, ALPA Reach Agreement on Regional Jets
     April 18, 2002 US Airways Group Reports $269 Million First Quarter Loss
     April 17, 2002 US Airways Advisory
     US Airways' First Quarter 2002 Earnings Conference Call
     April 15, 2002 US Airways Offers Charlotte 'GoFares' For Purchase On
     April 11, 2002 US Airways To Add 85 E-Ticket Kiosks By Summer
     April 10, 2002 US Airways To Reach E-Savers Milestone With 1 Millionth Customer
     Winner Earns Spectacular Caribbean Getaway
     April 9, 2002 US Airways Offers Fares As Low As $158 For New England Travel
     April 4, 2002 US Airways Names New Management Executives
     April 4, 2002 US Airways Advisory
     US Airways' first Quarter 2002 Earnings Conference Call
     April 4, 2002 US Airways Reports Record March Load Factor
     April 3, 2002 US Airways Offers Chance To Win Luxury Trip To 'Churchill's England'
     March 27, 2002 US Airways to Sell Surplus Aircraft and Parts
     March 21, 2002 US Airways Changes Travel Agency Commission Structure
     March 20, 2002 Nagin To Retire From US Airways
     March 15, 2002 US Airways Restores Transatlantic Service
     March 13, 2002 Meeting Travelers Can Book Special US Airways Rates Online
     March 12, 2002 US Airways Offers Spring Travel Bargains Systemwide with Fares as Low as $78 Roundtrip
     March 11, 2002 US Airways And Space Adventures to Offer The Ultimate Destination -- Space
     March 6, 2002 US Airways' February Load Factor Up 2.6 Percentage Points
     March 5, 2002 US Airways Express To Increase Reagan National Flights
     March 1, 2002 US Airways Express Moves To New $34M Concourse At Charlotte Douglas International Airport
     February 28, 2002 US Airways To Resume Summer Charlotte-Bermuda Service
     February 26, 2002 US Airways Introduces Charlotte 'Go Fares' Offering Extended Weekend Discounts
     February 21, 2002 US Airways Introduces Sale Fares For 11 New York Cities
     February 12, 2002 US Airways Express To Begin Montreal-LaGuardia Service
     February 12, 2002 US Airways Express To Begin Lynchburg-Philadelphia Service
     February 6, 2002 US Airways Names Luis McSween Director Of Caribbean Operations
     February 6, 2002 US Airways And Avis Rent A Car Team Up Making It Easier To Book Groups And Meetings
     February 6, 2002 US Airways Introduces 'Miles-Plus-Money' Travel Package For Dividend Miles Members
     February 5, 2002 75 Million US Airways Dividend Miles Donated To Charities In 2001
     February 5, 2002 US Airways Names Donald Mancuso To Top Security Post
     February 5, 2002 US Airways Media Advisory - US Airways Chairman Wolf to participate in Goldman Sachs Air Carrier Conference
     February 5, 2002 US Airways Reports January Traffic
     February 1, 2002 US Airways Offers New Low Sale Fares For Grand Bahama Island/Freeport Travel
     February 1, 2002 US Airways Introduces $298 Sale Fares For East-West Travel When Purchased Online At
     January 30, 2002 Dividend Miles Auction Offers Six Tickets To National Football Final
     January 25, 2002 US Airways Brings Back "Philly Overnight" Weekend Fares
     January 21, 2002 US Airways' GOFARES As Low As $118 Roundtrip Online
     January 17, 2002 US Airways Group Reports $1.17 Billion Loss For 2001 Excluding Unusual Items
     January 16, 2002 US Airways Fills Key Open Executive Positions
     January 16, 2002 US Airways Advisory
     US Airways' Fourth Quarter and FY 2001 Earnings Conference Call
     January 11, 2002 US Airways To Launch Charlotte-Cozumel Service
     January 10, 2002 US Airways Advisory
     US Airways' Fourth Quarter and FY 2001 Earnings Conference Call
     January 7, 2002 US Airways Introduces New Low Fares For East-West Travel, Tickets Must Be Purchased Online At
     January 4, 2002 US Airways Load Factor Is 64.3 Percent For December
     January 4, 2002 US Airways' Fourth Quarter and FY 2001 Earnings Conference Call
     January 4, 2002 US Airways To Resume Service To Six Cities From Reagan National With New Discount Sale Fares For Online Bookings
     2001 Press Releases
     Copyright © 2002, US Airways, Inc.
     All Rights Reserved
     Dividend Miles
     Corporate Information
     Press Releases
     Code Share
     Investor Relations

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Bermuda to host Caribbean Investment Confab
   The annual Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference is reportedly the sixth largest hotel investment forum in the world.
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   WESTERN BUREAU: THE SPONTANEITY, spirituality, spunk and seriousness of The Mighty Sparrow brewed into a humorous whole at the clubhouse of the White Witch Golf Course on Saturday
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  Information for Caribbean People and Friends of the Caribbean.....Pauline Ford-Caesar
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October 16 is E-Day
   SPECULATION AND anxiety ended for Jamaicans last (Sunday) night when Prime Minister P.J. Patterson announced the date of the general election as Wednesday, October 16.
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Scholarship Award For Sun Newspaper Carrier
   Antigua SUN's Tim Payne left, presents a scholarship cheque to Damien DeSilva on behalf of Sun Printing and Publishing. (SUNphoto by Skip Lewis)
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St Kitts and Nevis19th Independence Anniversary
   Address to the Nation Presented by - Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas Prime Minister
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My Last Election Race - Says Patterson
   PRIME MINISTER P.J. Patterson yesterday declared this to be his last election race. He added that he would make an exit during his next term, if his party is re-elected in the upcoming general election.
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Human Rights and Constitutional Issues Top Agenda At OCCBA Law Conference
   Human rights and constitutional issues will be the main focus of discussion when the Organisation of Commonwealth Bar Association (OCCBA) Law Conference is convened in St. Kitts this weekend.
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Ambassador Williams pays tribute to St. John Payne
   The contribution to St. Kitts and Nevis by late Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, His Excellency St. John Payne, has been hailed by the Federation's Ambassador to the United States His Excellency Dr. Izben C. Williams.
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Bradshaw and Moore listed in Millennium Edition
   Premiers Bradshaw and Moore Among Three Nationals Listed In Millennium Edition
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Canadian and Austrian Diplomats pays tribute to Ambassador Payne
   Ambassador Payne, who also served as a Minister of Government and Parliamentarian died in Canada at age 65 on August 24th. He was accorded an Official Funeral in Basseterre, the St. Kitts capital, on Wednesday 4th September.
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Music Festival in Dominica
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Expansion Plans for St. Kitts' Deep-Water Port
   Purchase of new equipment improves efficiency
  Photo -New design for cargo pier at Deep Water Port
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   PHOTO: Prime Minister Douglas (third from left) and former U.S. President Bill Clinton (r) in discussion at the recent International AID Conference in Barcelona, Spain
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St. Kitts Biomedical Research Foundation celebrates 20th Anniversary
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After 50 Years - Letter Brings Couple Together Kenneth & Phyllis Tam
   JUST over a month ago, on May 30 to be exact, a letter written by Trinidadian Kenneth Tam was published in The Gleaner. He was seeking to find an old friend, Phyllis Carrington, from his university class of 1951.
  Posted on: July 14, 2002
  Note: 'Never say Never'
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Three Escape Death ....... as Scaramouche Theatre Burnsclick to enlarge
   Scaramouche Theatre owner Edson Buntin is treated by paramedics after receiving burns from a fire at the theatre. Inset: Hero of the day, David Henry assisted Edson Buntin, the owner of the Scaramouche Theatre, after he escaped from the fire. Henry then braved the flames to help two children trapped in the building and brought them out to safety. (SUNphotos by Skip Lewis)
   Posted on: June 28, 2002
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Air Jamaica returns after four years
   After a four-year absence, Air Jamaica Flight #94 landed at V.C Bird International Airport Thursday morning on its inaugural flight from New York to Antigua to a red carpet reception.
  posted June 24, 2002
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‘Donald Duck’ impersonator in the Magistrate’s Court
   'Lawyers do have a heart after all.' That was a comment made in the St. John's Magistrate's Court yesterday as two attorney, Adlai Smith and Senator Gail Christian not only gave pro-bono service to a youth charged with larceny but went as far as to suggest the pooling of their resources if necessary to pay his compensation order.
  posted June 22, 2002
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