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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       December 10th, 2018      
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And Today

     As the night creatures screech , the fowls from their roofs break out in a cacophony of sound from one end of the town to the other. Their sounds warn of strangers in the midst, as t carolers creep towards the darkened household, not wanting to be observed. Their voices split the air, as they begin their song.. They are continuing an old BVI custom.
     The darkened household awakes, as the carolers sing
     ‘Good Mawnin', good mawnin'
     A come for mi guavaberry, good mawnin'
     We wish you a merry Christmas,
     Good mawnin'
     We wish you a merry Christmas,
      Good mawnin'.
     The door opens, and the carolers are welcomed inside, where they continue caroling, and passing on or finding out the ;melee;until they are ready to move on to another household.
     Before they move on however, they are treated to some of the Christmas ‘goodies', which have been prepared. These would consist of cakes, tarts, and guavaberry. Some households serve biscuits and ham.
     It is customary that one member of the household joins the carolers as they move on and so the group expands.
     These days the carolers might end up at the Road Town Methodist Church where Mr. Merritt Herbert produces for the ZBVI Radio an early morning Christmas programme featuring some of the carolers.
     The Fungi Band groups also move around serenading households. Although some Fungi Band instruments have changed. In earlier times tsome of these were the bass guitar, made from a tin bath pan with a string attached to its center. This string was in turn attached to a wooden board. The vibration of the cord on the board, as it was plucked produced a musical sound. The guitar was a large sardine can also with board and strings attached another bit of instrument was an elongated pipe which stretched from the players mouth to the ground which produced a ‘flatulating' sound.
     Days before Christmas, it continues today, the household would engage in elaborate Christmas preparations. The guavaberry which long ago would steep in a demijohn under the bed until fermented,is now bottled and quite often vended.. The house itself may be dressed Christmas lights and decorations, and there are contests to choose the best. Whereas in the good old days a good fishing rod tree, cut from the pasture, sufficed, Today it is the pine, decorated with christmas lights and ornaments that stand in many homes
     Nature however, remains constant over the years
     There is no white Christmas ,with plenty of snow
     Just plenty of sunshine,
     Christmas carols, reggae and calypso.
     . Nature eagerly awaits Christmas as it always did,
      adorned in scarlet poinsettia, snow from the snow flower,
     the hibiscus, the Christmas candle and the frangipani

Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   View of one of the shops built from materials used to build houses in the past - 'thatched roof and shingles'.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   View of the 'Craft Alive Village' at the official opening.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   members of the public browsing around
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   Messers. Hodge and Trott checking out the wares with approval.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   Looking inside one of the shops at the official opening of the 'Craft Alive Village'
CTO Awards Dinnerclick to enlarge
   Pictured from left to right to right Kedrick Malone, Stanley Dawson, Son of the awardee, who recieved the award on his father's behalf
  Cedric Dawson, and Stanley Gordon
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CTO Awards Dinner
   Kedrick Malone is the newly appointed chairman of the Tourist Board,and Stanley Gordon, the Director.
CTO Awards Dinner
   L to R - Catherine Van Kampen, Iverson Smith, Bibi Bhajan, Stanley Dawson, Kedrick Malone, Mrs. Malone, Victorene Creque
Integrity in Public Life
   A Public Servant's Perspective
  Presented by: Wendell M. Gaskin, Director, Internal Audit Unit
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H.Lavity Stoutt......A Visionary
   Today,March 4,2002,the territory pays tribute to the life and legacy of former Chief Minister H.Lavity Stoutt........
  The deputy Governor, His Excellency, Mr.Elton Georges pays tribute.....
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Year 2002 Budget passedBVI Legislative Council   Chambers
   Proceedings of the Legislature
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A Look at the Draft Budget
   The BVI Review looks at the draft budget 2002
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A Look at the Draft Budget ....... cont'dFinancial Secretary ...L Allen Wheatley
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A Look at the Draft Budget .......cont'dChief Minister.. Ralph T O'Neal
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Christmas in the BVI years ago………………..
   Hilda Smith,a resident of Road Town recalls with nostalgia, the Christmases of her youth
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And Today
   Do we celebrate Christmas in the same way
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And Today
   Do we celebrate Christmas in the same way
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