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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       November 21st, 2018      
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A Look at the Draft Budget .......cont'd

Chief Minister.. Ralph T O'Neal
Chief Minister.. Ralph T O'Neal
     So what did the Chief Minister bring from the mountaintop? He brought existing projects, new projects, and other intangible.
     1. The completion of the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport
     2. The New Peebles Project
     3. The New Financial Services Complex to house the:
      New General Post Office
      Customs Headquarters
      The Marketing Unit for Financial Services
      Project Cycle Management Unit
      A Conference Facility
      BVIs Ports Authority Headquarter
      4. The new Governor's House
      5. Expansion of facilities for the Police Department
      6. Support Service for the Attorney General's Chambers
      7. Computerization of the Immigration Department
      8. Provisions for ongoing reform efforts in Education & Social
      9. General Road Works and Telecommunication Programmes.
     Did the Chief Minister break any of the tablets of stone on his way down from the mountaintop? NO. The people had indeed kept faith.
     Some say however, that one of the tablets did fall, from some of his crew, which now have the Governor scrambling to the mountaintop to pick up the pieces.
     Borrowings will fund 63.7% of the capital budget. 36.3% will come from the consolidated fund - the one in which government keeps its revenues. Total capital expenditure will be a little under US$121,500,000.
     The Public Debt is 28% of revenue. Current repayment as a percentage of revenue is 3%.
     Compared to the GDP, the Public debt is now 7%.
     The sister Islands, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke also came in for their fair share of Capital Development.
     Having completed his presentation Mr. O'Neal concluded that ‘he had fought a good fight he had finished the course and he had kept the faith.
     If biblical ‘anecdotes and quotes' is province of the elected official, the Chief Minister quoted well and accurately .Not everyone sometimes quotes as accurately. According to some US reporters The President of the USA, George W. Bush in quoting the scriptures in defense of his faith claimed to have quoted from John 16:3
     The budget is yet to be passed. Following the Whitehall/West Minister model of the motherland, it is being discussed in committee and on its final reading will be passed into law.

Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   View of one of the shops built from materials used to build houses in the past - 'thatched roof and shingles'.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   View of the 'Craft Alive Village' at the official opening.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   members of the public browsing around
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   Messers. Hodge and Trott checking out the wares with approval.
Craft Alive in Picturesclick to enlarge
   Looking inside one of the shops at the official opening of the 'Craft Alive Village'
CTO Awards Dinnerclick to enlarge
   Pictured from left to right to right Kedrick Malone, Stanley Dawson, Son of the awardee, who recieved the award on his father's behalf
  Cedric Dawson, and Stanley Gordon
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CTO Awards Dinner
   Kedrick Malone is the newly appointed chairman of the Tourist Board,and Stanley Gordon, the Director.
CTO Awards Dinner
   L to R - Catherine Van Kampen, Iverson Smith, Bibi Bhajan, Stanley Dawson, Kedrick Malone, Mrs. Malone, Victorene Creque
Integrity in Public Life
   A Public Servant's Perspective
  Presented by: Wendell M. Gaskin, Director, Internal Audit Unit
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H.Lavity Stoutt......A Visionary
   Today,March 4,2002,the territory pays tribute to the life and legacy of former Chief Minister H.Lavity Stoutt........
  The deputy Governor, His Excellency, Mr.Elton Georges pays tribute.....
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Year 2002 Budget passedBVI Legislative Council   Chambers
   Proceedings of the Legislature
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A Look at the Draft Budget
   The BVI Review looks at the draft budget 2002
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A Look at the Draft Budget ....... cont'dFinancial Secretary ...L Allen Wheatley
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A Look at the Draft Budget .......cont'dChief Minister.. Ralph T O'Neal
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Christmas in the BVI years ago………………..
   Hilda Smith,a resident of Road Town recalls with nostalgia, the Christmases of her youth
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And Today
   Do we celebrate Christmas in the same way
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And Today
   Do we celebrate Christmas in the same way
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