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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       December 10th, 2018      
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Report Suggests BVI Originally Supported EU Savings Tax Directive,
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Is the Caribbean serious about free movement
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BVI Gears Up For Expansion, by Mike Godfrey,, New York 31 July 2002
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   CABLE & WIRELESS Plc last month forecast a grim year ahead
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Off Shore Bankers Plead Guilty
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Grenada Acts Against Three Banks
   Grenada's Minister of Finance, Anthony Boatswain, has publicly announced that a review is being carried out of three offshore banks: Imperium Bank, AvantGuard Bank and Cornerstone International Bank and Trust.
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BVI Challenges Cayman As Home For Hedge Funds
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IBC News from St. Kitts
   St. Kitts and Nevis committs to principles of transparency and
  >exchange of info
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Breathing space for island tax havens
   small Pacific and Caribbean members have been given breathing space to clamp down on money-laundering and their role as tax havens.
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U.S. investigate Enron's collapse
   Cayman Government offers to help
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Cyber gold
   Cyber currencies spawn 21st century gold rush, money-laundering fears
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Anguilla and C&W
   Anguilla Drafts the National Telecommunications Policy to Liberalize Telecommunications
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Will The Euro Now Challenge Dollarīs Power?
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EU Directives Stumbling At Laeken Summit                             EU Flag
   Luxembourg and Austria insisted that if they have to make amendments to their banking secrecy rules then so should other other tax havens such as Monaco, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.
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Hong Kong the BVI, and Anguilla's attempt to undersell the BVI
   According to financial consultant Hsang,'If you have a BVI and it does the job, why change'?
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What is an IBC?
   The BVI is regarded as the premier location for the registration of international offshore business COMPANIES.
  In fact financial services form one of the twin pillars that fuel the BVI economy.
  Here is an overview.
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The Structure of the International Business Company
   More about the IBC
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Practical uses of the IBC
   What can the IBC do?
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Anti money laundering law
   Anti-Money Laundering Law Enforced In British Virgin Islands, Mandy Robinson,, London 04 January 2001
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BVI looks forward to E-commerce
   British Virgin Islands Looks Forward To New E-Commerce Laws, by Mandy Robinson, Tax-ne01, London 10 April 2001
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