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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       August 24th, 2019      
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Former Governor Frank Savage

     Francis (Frank) Joseph Savage was appointed Governor of the British Virgin Islands on July 3, 1998. He was born February 8,1943 and joined the Diplomatic Service in 1966. He has held appointments in Cairo, Washington, Aden, Dusseldorf, Peking, Lagos and Montserrat as well as in FCO at various times. He was the Governor of Montserrat 1993 - 1997. He and his wife Veronica married in 1966 and have two grown-up sons.
     Mr. Savage was appointed Lieutenant in the Royal Victorian Order (LVO) in 1986, Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1989, and was made a Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) in 1996.
     1998 - present BVI (Governor)
     1993-1997 Montserrat (Governor)
     1992-1993 FCO (Head of Medical & Welfare Dept.
     1990-1992 FCO (Asst. Head, Home Estates Dept.)
     1987-1990 Lagos (First Secretary: Consular)
     1982-1986 Peking (First Secretary: Management & HM
     1978-1981 Dusseldorf (Consul: Trade Promotion)
     1975-1978 FCO (Personal Policy Department)
     1973-1975 Aden (Vice Consul)
     1971-1973 Washington (Management Officer)
     1967-1970 Cairo (Archivist)
     1966 Entered FCO

Britain's plan for progress with........OT'sBritainn's New Foreign Minister Hon. Jack Straw
   Britain's Foreign Minister outlines plan for a new relationship with government and people in Overseas Territories
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How is the Government constituted
   The BVI Review takes a look at how the government is structured, various statutory bodies and the people who serve,
  His Excellency the Governor
  Mr. Thomas Townley Macan
  Governor of the British Virgin Islands with effect from October 2002.
  Tom Macan joined the Diplomatic Service in 1969, having graduated in Economics from the University of Sussex where he was also President of the Union (1967-68). Appointed initially to the UN Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), he was posted to the Embassy in Bonn in 1971 and subsequently Brasilia (1974). Back in the FCO in 1978, he was Head of the Environment and Maritime Boundaries Section until 1981, when he returned to the Embassy in Bonn as Press Secretary.
  In 1986, he served again in the FCO, first as Head of the Commonwealth Co-ordination Department and subsequently (1988) Head of Training Department. In 1990, he was appointed Deputy Head of Mission in the Embassy at Lisbon. From 1995 to 1998, he was Ambassador at Vilnius, and subsequently took a private sector secondment to the BOC Group. From 1999 to 2002, he was Minister and Deputy High Commissioner at New Delhi.
  Tom Macan and his wife, Janet, have two children. Nicholas (1981) and Melissa (1984).
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Former Governor Frank Savage
   The Governor of the British Virgin Islands
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The office of Deputy Governor
   Mr. Elton Georges is the highest ranking local non-elected Government official. He has served as the Governor's Deputy since 1983.He recently retired from the Public and was awarded the Honor of CMG for his long and dedicated Public Service.
  A graduate of the Virgin Islands Secondary School Mr. Georges graduated valdictorian of his class. Mr. Georges is married with two children
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Periodically Acts as Deputy Governor
   Mrs. Lorna Smith has acted as Deputy Governor on various occasions, while Elton Georges served as Governor in the absence of Gov. Frank Savage,who on the 5th October,2002 completed his tour of duty and was replaced by Governor Thomas Townley Macan.
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Members of government
   Elected members
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New Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism and Development Planning ( Former Leader of the Opposition)
   Chief Surgeon in the BVI, and at one time the only surgeon Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith served the BVI for over 20 years, he retired.
  As a member of the National Democratic Party (NDP), he sought and won an at large seat in the Legislature. As an at large candidate he obtained the largest number of votes in the 1999 elections.
  The Hon. Dr. Smith as leader of the NDP was the leader of the opposition Party in the 14th Legislature.
  The N.D.P. was victorious in the June 16th, 2003 Elections , hence he is now Chief Minister.
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Deputy Chief Minister & Minister of Finance and Health and at large Representative
   Hon. Ronnie Skeleton, a 2nd term Representative was General Manager of the Electricity Department for many years. Hon. Skelton contested and won a seat as an at large Representativet in the 1999 elections.
  He served as a Member of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition during the 14th Legislature.
  He won re-election with an increased number of votes and currently serves as Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Finance , Health and welfare in the National Democratic
  Party Government.
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New Minister of Education & Culture and Repesentative for the Eighth District
   Air BVI Pilot, Banker, and now Legislator the Hon. Lloyd Black is in his 2nd term in the Legislature. As a pilot the Hon. Black flew emergency supplies to Jamaica, when that Island was hit by hurricane Gilbert in 1988, on another occasion the Hon. Black, on realizing that his aircraft was in trouble shortly after take-off, prepared his passengers, and landed his craft in the sea so that all could swim to safety or be rescued.
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Minister of Natural Resources and Labour (Former Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Communication and Works) and 2nd District Representative.
   The Hon J. Alvin Christopher began his Political career February 1995 when he won his first bid for Electoral Office in the Second District. He was appointed Minister of Communications,Works.He continued to serve in the said Ministry when he was re-elected in 1999.On the 25th August,2000,he was Appointed Deputy Chief Minister replacing Hon.Eileen L.Parson who was dismissed as Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Health,Education and Culture.
  The Hon. Christopher has long been a political activist, quietly effecting change without 'tooting his own horn'.However,differences with the Government led to his removal from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Communication and Works to be suceeded by Hon.Julian Fraser, the Former Minister of Natural Resources and Labour.
  He Now sits on the Opposition Bench as an Independant.
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Deputy Speaker of the Legislature and at large Representative
   Hon. Eileen Parsons, founder of the Heritage Dancers and the once vibrant Community Singers is also an at large Representative. The Former Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Health,Education,Culture and Sports in the VIP Government now sits with the Opposition National Democratic Party (NDP)since her appointment was revoked by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister.
  The July 16th,2003 Elections gave the N.D.P a resounding victory and Hon. E. Parsons was elected as Deputy Speaker of the Legislature.
  Her election as Deputy speaker was historic, coming on the day when another first and historic event occured -The election of the First Female Speaker of the Legislature (Mrs. Vivian Inez Archibald).
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Representative for the Seventh District
   Hon.Dr. Kedrick Pickering,is an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist by profession. He is also a 2nd term legislator.
  Hon. Pickering is very community minded and is deeply involved with the youths not only of his district, but also all over the territory.
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Leader of the Opposition and Ninth District Representative (Former Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism and Finance)
   The Hon Ralph T. O'Neal
  Mr. O'Neal entered he teaching service of the British Virgin Islands at the tender age of eighteen (18) and began his long and illustrious public service career.
  He taught at the Road Town and East End Primary Schools, and was Principal of the North Sound School for four (4) years.
  Hon. O'Neal entered the Political Arena in 1975
  He has been Chief Minister since 1995 until his party - The Virgin Islands Party(V.I.P.) -suffered defeat by The National Democratic Party (N.D.P.)in the June 16th,2003 election.
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Opposition Member and Representative for the Third District (Former Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Communication and Works )
   Hon Julian Fraser
  Julian Fraser upon graduating from the Virgin Islands Secondary School worked for a year in the BVI.
  He then migrated to the United States where he pursued a career in Architecture.
  His most prized accomplishment was to serve as project architect on the World Financial Center
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Former Minister of Health and Welfare suffered defeat in June 16th,2003 Election.
   Hon Ethlyn Smith
  Ms Smith entered the realm of Politics and became the first woman to be elected in February 1995 election.
  As a legislator, Hon. Ethlyn Smith has had the opportunity to attend the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conferences and also attended a Regional Conference.
  With the split in the Ministry of Health,Education and Welfare,Hon.E.Smith was appointed as Minister of Health And Welfare.
  During the June 16th ,2003 election, she ran as a member of the Virgin Islands Party and lost her seat to newcomer Mrs. Delores Christopher by 3 Votes (the biggest upset of the election.)
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Former Minister of Natural Resources and Labour replacing Hon.Julian Fraser and At Large Representative lost his seat to Newcomer Mr. Paul P. Wattley.
   Hon. Reeial George former Police Officer was elected in 1971 to serve the Seventh District. He was again elected in 1995 and 1999 as one of the four Territorial members.
  He Was appointed Minister of Natural Resources and Labour on 21st May, 2002.At that time he relinquished the post of Deputy Speaker which he held since his election to the present term of office.
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Member of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition and 1st District Representative (Former Minister of Education and Culture)
   The Hon Mr Andrew Fahie is one of the youngest Ministers in BVI Politics. He was educated at the BVI High School, University of the Virgin Islands and Florida A&M University.
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Member of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition and 4th District Representative ( Former Deputy Speaker in the Fourteenth Legislature)
   The Hon.Mark Vanterpool is the representative for the 4th district. A second term legislator, he won the seat from the Hon. Walwyn Brewly, representative for the district for four terms.He resigned as a Founding Member of the National Democratic Party(N.D.P)and Joined the Virgin Islands Party (V.I.P).He was elected to the position of Deputy Speaker after the incumbent Hon.Reeial George had to relinquish the post when he was appointed a Minister of Government on the 21st May,2002.
  He retained his seat during the June 16th, 2003 election after being challenged by Mr. Audley Maduro of the N.D.P. in a gruelling campaign.His party ( The Virgin Islands Party) suffered an 8 to 5 seat defeat.
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Representative for the Sixth District
   Hon. Omar Hodge is in his Sixth term as representative of the sixth district.A Businessman before he entered politics, he has had quite an interesting political career.Omar is married to Gynocologist, Miriam
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