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      The British Virgin Islands       OnePaper Community Edition       December 10th, 2018      
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New Beach in the Making.
   Brandyvine Bay, Tortola has a long history.
  Not only for the people of the area but as far away as Belle Vue and beyond.
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Portrait Galley of Brandyvine Bay Restoration
   The restoration of Brandyvine Bay Beach is a
  very worthwhile project.
  Mr. Burt Lettsome, Chief Conservation Officer and the Government deserves praise for undertaking this project.
BVI Stamp CatalogueWins Vermeil Medal at Bangkok2003
   The Specialised Stamp Catalogue of the British Virgin Islands 1787-2001, A Publication of the Millennium Project Committee - Government of the Virgin Islands (UK)in conjunction with the British Virgin Islands Philatelic Society has won a Vermeil(the closest rank to gold) at the World Stamp Exhibition Bangkok 2003 held at Impact Convention Center(Bangkok, Thailand) October 4-13.This Publication is a labour of love.
  The BVI Review wish to extend hartiest congratulations to the Editor,Mr.Giorgio Migliavacca, The Milleninm Committee on receiving this well deserved accolade.
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Actspectation Victorious in the Mother of all Races Actspectation escorted by adoring fans and handlers
   This day shall go down in BVI-USVI Horse Racing History. The day-4th October,2003- Actspectation came face to face with his enemies(Man and Beasts and perhaps demons too)and defeated them all.For fans...this was the thriller in the Virgins; for his enemies...deep wounds and heavy loss.
  There will never be another day like this.
  Redemption,yes!!! Sweet redemption for Letty and Bob Hodge despite the other events of the weekend.
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Actspectation seen here being assembled for the Mother of all Races -The Tri-island Championship
   The three champions from Tortola, St. Thomas and St. Croix -Actspectation, Hezacateye and Harts At Risk respectively - being assembled
  in front of the reviewing stands before the race.
Actspectation being escorted back to the stable to have loose shoe refittedActspectation being escorted off the track by  handler to refit loose shoe.
   After assembling in front of the stands to begin the race, it was discovered that a loose shoe needed replacing. hence, all three horses were returned to their respective stables .
Pictoral of Action and Celebrations at Clinton E. Phipps Racetrack Sunday,4th October.2003.
   More scenes captured by The BVI Review roving photographer.
That's a Hard Act to Follow - in more ways than oneIndeed a hard act to follow
   Actspectation Fans show their appreciation in words and deeds.
The Day that Actspectation Made
   The crowd at this race track was here see one race only - the feature race with Actspectation, Hezacateye and Hearts At Risk.
  Any other race was icing on the cake
National Democratic Party Marches to Victory over the Incumbent Virgin Island Party after a pitched battle during the past few months.
   The National Democratic Party came out Victorious after a pitched battle with the incumbent Virgin Islands Party.(Dr.The Hon. Orlando Smith -new Chief Minister- seen at right in picture with NDP Chairman Russel Harrigan (left) and Hon. Lioyd Black - centre)
  Every tool was used in this War. During the last days the Gloves were off and concerns were expressed in many quarters regarding the possible effects on the society.
  Prayers of healing were heard even at the close of National Democratic Party (NDP) Youth Rally on Sunday Evening.
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Mr. Michael Rolle is New Managing Director of Scotia Bank(British Virgin Islands)Limited
   The Longest serving Manager(now Managing Director) of Scotia Bank, Mr.Terry Bell was
  promoted to Vice President in charge of operations in South Korea .
  He has been succeeded by Mr. Michael'Mike' Rolle from the Bahamas.
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1 First Bank of Puerto Rico commenced business in mid October and has begun to flex its muscle.
   FistBank Puerto Rico purchased the J.P. Morgan Chase branches in the U.S. and British Virgin Island and commenced business
  in a serious way.
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Traffic Lights System commissioned.
   At a commissioning Ceremony held Monday, 4th November, 2002,The Dual Carriageway Traffic lights System was inaugerated by Hon.Julian Fraser, the Minister of Communication and works in the Government of the Virgin Islands.
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Traffic light Commissioning Ceremony Portrait Gallery
   His Excellency Governor Thomas Macan(2nd right-seated)looks on while gifts were distributed by A & B Electric Executive,Mr. Pedro Edwards.
Minister of Communication and Works, Hon.Julian Fraser receiving gift at the Commissioning Ceremony for Traffic Lights System
   Hon. Julian Fraser, Minister of Communication and works seen here receiving gift from Mr. Pedro Edwards of A & B Electrics- Bahamas, before making remarks during the inaugeral ceremony marking the use of Traffic Lights in the Virgin Islands (British).
Traffic light Commissioning Ceremony Portrait Gallery
   Chief Minister Hon. Ralph T.O'neal making remarks at the Traffic Lights Systems
  commissioning Ceremony.
Changing of the guards - former Governor Frank Savage (centre) returns to U.K. after serving for four years in the British Virgin Islands.
   Governor Savage left for the United Kingdom via Antigua on Saturday,5th October,2002.
  This brings to a close his four years tour of duty in the British Virgin Islands. This will not be the last we hear of him as he was invited to work at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a part time consultant dealing with Overseas Territories matters. He will utilise his experience gained during his tour of duty in both Montserrat and (British) Virgin Islands in his new role.
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Hon. R.T. O'neal, Chief Minister, delivers address during Swearing In Ceremony for Governor Macan on Monday, 14th October,2002.
   Hon.Ralph T. O'neal delivers his welcome address during Swearing In Ceremony for His Excellency Thomas Townley Macan, the newly appointed Governor.
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His Excellency Mr. Thomas Townley Macan delivers response after he was sworn in as Governor at Legislative Council on Monday, 14th October,2002.
   Governor Thomas Townley Macan delivers response at Legislative Council after he was sworn in by Justice Suzie d'Auvergne on Monday,14th October,2002.
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Portrait Galley of Swearing In Ceremony for His Excellency Thomas T. Macan as Governor.
   Dr.the Hon.Orlando Smith ,Leader of the Opposition, seen here delivering welcome address during Governor Macan's Swearing In Ceremony on Monday, 14th October,2002.

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