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Opportunities to Worship with Us

     From Shabbat services to Tuesday Torah Topics to lunches with the Rabbi, we offer multiple opportunities for you to worship and learn with us.
     Here's a rundown of ongoing and upcoming activities:
     Each Friday
     Erev Shabbat Service - 6:30 pm
     Each Saturday
     Shabbat Service - New Saturday morning time: 10:30 each week
     Torah Study at LH - New Torah study time: 11:45 each week, noon when there is a bar mitzvah scheduled.
     Each month
     Our First Friday service each month is Simcha Shabbat, when we celebrate joyous events occurring this month. Following Simcha Shabbat service, we generally enjoy a Shabbat dinner together at Lilienfeld House, though in November this dinner will take place on the second Friday, November 13, after services and in January the dinner will also take place on the second Friday, January 8. Call the Synagogue office at 774-4312 to reserve a place and inquire about cost.
     The third Friday each month is "Bring A Friend Shabbat" after which all who wish go out together to a Shabbat dinner at a reasonably priced local restaurant.
     The Fourth Friday is "Family Friday" each month. We celebrate a shorter service, oriented more toward our younger members, but designed to touch the hearts of all who worship with us. It will be followed by an oneg with healthy but tantalizing treats for our members who are young and young at heart.
     The fall Family Shabbat Services will happen on the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 27, December 25, a good night to be in Synagogue with your children, and January 22.
      Opportunities for Continuing Life-Long Learning with HCST
     Tuesday Torah Topics continues most Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Lilienfeld House or Hank Feuerzeig’s law office. This fall we will be examining hard-hitting ethical issues including Legal Ethics, Bio-Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Personal Ethics from the perspective of Torah and Rabbinic Responses. Call the Synagogue office at 774-4312 for time specific information.
     Torah Topics on St. John occurs monthly at 7:30 p.m. and will address the most challenging of the issues we will deal with every Tuesday. It takes place at private homes.
     St. John sessions will happen on Thursday, November 12, and a Hanukkah party on Wednesday, December 16, and Wednesday, January 6. Call the Synagogue office for locations for each time.
     Lunch with the Rabbi occurs monthly at noon at a local restaurant and takes on a burning or controversial issue of the day from a Jewish perspective. Call the Synagogue at 774-4312 to reserve a spot: Wednesday, November 11 at Randy’s, Thursday, December 10, at Lilienfeld House, and Wednesday, January 6, at Jack’s.
     Saturday Morning Study of the Weekly Torah Portion, each Saturday following Services about 11:45a and noon when there is a bar or bat mitzvah.
     On 18 Thursday evenings during the year 5770, Rabbi Moch will offer a new program:
     SStepping Stones to a Jewish Me." This program introduces Judaism to those who were born Jewish and those who were not, who want to discover the richness of the Jewish heritage, the depth of Jewish faith and wish learn how to live Jewish lives again. The 1 classes will take place from November – May, including Thursday, November 19, and Thursday, December 3 and 10, at 7:30pm at Lilienfeld House. Suggested donation to HCST for non-members: $50-100. Call the Synagogue office to register.
     Opportunities for Repairing the World and our Congregation
     Sunday, November 15, 9 a.m. to noon, Synagogue Mitzvah Work-Day.
     Join friends and choose between a number of jobs that need doing at the Synagogue: Library organizing, classroom painting, storage organizing and cleanup, front of the Synagogue gardening, sewing and stuffing care-bears for the sick and infirm.
     Sunday, November 22, 8:30am – noon, cleanup and painting in the Altona Cemetery.
     Opportunities for Creating a Caring Community at HCST
     Wednesday, December 16, 6:30 – 9 p.m., Caring Committee Training for those who wish to learn about effective and compassionate listening and visiting skills to the infirm. A light dinner will be served to those attending. This is a pre-requisite training session for those who wish to visit the infirm and elderly on behalf of the Synagogue. Please call the Synagogue Office at 774-4312 to register.
     Special Events at HCST
     Please check the Coming Events portion of our website for events on our calendar, including services, beach parties and holiday celebrations.

A challenge to congregants: Make Jewish living a priority
   In his D'var Torah and report to the congregation at our annual meeting, Rabbi Moch urged us "to push your Jewish living -- both at Synagogue and at home -- to the top of your personal priority list."
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2010-04-20 17:00:34
Don't miss 'Purim on Broadway'Haman and King Ahashuerus, aka Wechter and Pomeranz
   One night only! This sensational performance, directed by Cecil B. de Silverberg, starts at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27, at the Synagogue after Rabbi Moch's Megillah reading.
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2010-02-08 16:41:09
Opportunities to Worship with Us
   From Shabbat services to Tuesday Torah Topics to lunches with the Rabbi, we offer multiple opportunities for you to worship and learn with us.
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2009-10-22 12:08:21
Meet Rabbi Shimon Moch, our spiritual leader
   Rabbi Stephen Fisher Moch joined the Hebrew Congregation on Dec. 1, 2008, becoming our seventh Rabbi since our founding. Here is more about his spiritual journey and his background.
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2009-06-06 19:16:34
Synagogue group visits Cuba's Jewish communityRabbi Starr, Marilyn Blackhall, Adela Dworin and Helen Goldman
   Twenty-one members of the congregation went to Cuba during the first week in June to visit with the Jewish community there. Traveling under a U.S. Government license obtained by Rabbi Starr for a religious trip, the group visited with members of five different congregations.
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2007-06-13 15:14:12
Our response to Va. Tech tragedy: plant trees
   The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech has pained us all and we need to find a fitting response to remember those whose lives were taken.
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2007-05-03 10:36:21
Glitz isn't part of island Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations
   One of the hottest topics on rabbinic bulletin boards these days is the escalating cost and lavishness of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. This isn't a new debate.
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2005-12-15 14:38:27
Check out
   Congregants, their children and grandchildren can now take advantage of a website that makes Torah interesting and informative for kids of all ages. It's called Torah4Kids and it's available here.
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2005-09-07 16:33:03

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