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The VI Bar Herald
      The Source for VI Legal Info       OnePaper Community Edition       October 15th, 2019      
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How to Choose a Lawyer
   There comes a time in nearly everyone's life where the services of a lawyer are required. To help in this process, the Virgin Islands Bar Association prepared this information to aid and assist individuals and businesses in choosing a lawyer.
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Lawyers and Legal Fees
   What is a lawyer? Can anyone practice law? When do you need a lawyer? What is the basis for a legal fee? How is the fee computed? How about discussing the fee? When do you have to pay? How can you hold down your legal fees?
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Register Living Wills Online
   The US Living Will Registry allows health care providers throughout the country to access your living will, making it more likely that your wishes will be carried out.
Alternatives to Court
   Although relatively new in the Virgin Islands, there are alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that allow you to resolve a dispute without having to go to court. Often times ADR, alternative dispute resolution, can save you time and money.
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