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The VI Bar Herald
      The Source for VI Legal Info       OnePaper Community Edition       October 15th, 2019      
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Legislature of the Virgin Islands
   The Legislature of the Virgin Islands website includes the weekly Senate Calendar and a directory of Senators and staff.
Virgin Islands Department of Justice
   The Department of Justice was created as an Executive Department of the Government of the Virgin Islands by Act No. 5265 (Bill No. 17-0051) and is composed of the former Department of Law, the Bureau of Corrections, the Civil Rights Commission and the Board of Land Use Appeals.
  Its general purpose is to provide legal assistance and guidance to all executive departments, boards, agencies, instrumentalities and officers of the government in connection with the exercise of their official duties and powers, as well as to prosecute in the Territorial Court all offenses against the laws of the Virgin Islands. Assistant Attorney Generals prosecute certain offenses under the Office of the United States District Attorney. Additionally, the department represents all executive departments, boards, agencies, instrumentalities and officers of the government in civil and related court litigations and in administrative proceedings in which they are parties of, or have interests in such matters.

Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority
   By locating your business or part of your business in the United States Virgin Islands, you may be eligible to apply for unbelievable tax benefits and receive a substantial reduction in or exemption from your business and personal taxes. By engaging in light manufacturing and service businesses such as high-technology assembly plants, pharmaceuticals corporations, agriculture & aqua-culture related firms, financial services, and hotels (casino), you can qualify for the Virgin Islands Economic Development Program.
Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
   The Virgin Islands Deparment of Licensing and Consumer Affairs allows you to renew business licenses online. Check it out!